Why image ?

Grow as a person, gain confidence, find well-being, better position yourself in the workplace, set yourself apart from the rest in a job interview: These are the objectives of our interview with Marisol Caravatti, who founded Marisol Image.

Interview by Mr. Bernard Briguet for THE SWISS EXECUTIVE ASSOCIATION as appeared in the monthly magazine “LEADER” October 2007

The Swiss Executive Association (SAE): Before speaking about image and appearance I would like you to tell me briefly about your background:

Marisol Caravatti (MC) : I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Fashion Design. After university, I was in charge of targeting and developing the look of models for several modelling agencies. I then moved to Geneva where I held several management positions at Dior and then I created Marisol Image.

SAE : Why is a persons image so important today?

MC : Contrary to the saying “The clothes don’t make the man” (or the woman), it is statistically proven that a polished image allows you to position yourself socially. Foremost, it allows you to get ahead in your professional career. The appearance of each person has a great influence on how others perceive your success, your self-esteem and the capacity to handle certain responsibilities.

SAE : Do you have some examples to demonstrate this?

MC : Yes, recently a multinational had the manager of the company’s internal mail service retires. The person to be promoted to his position was the only one to wear a suit and tie to work. The others came to work in jeans and t-shirt. Is this by chance? Certainly not. This shows that even for a non-strategic position appearance played a major role.
Another example is a job interview. The first few minutes are decisive. The person who is well-dressed, from the moment they walk in, sends a message to the recruiter: I am motivated, I want this job. With all the competition and lack of available jobs today every detail is important.

SAE : What does Marisol Image offer it’s clients?

MC : Marisol Image was created for each person to achieve a more polished image and feel good about themselves. For women I offer colour analysis, style and silhouette to better enhance their assets.
I also offer an at home wardrobe analysis and personal shopping services. Makeup class, hairstyle and accessory advice are also part of my offer. For men, I am in the process of developing services that correspond specifically to their needs that will be launched beginning of 2008 together with the corporate services.
The objective is the same to achieve a more polished image and highlight each individuals assests.

SAE : If you have one advice to give our members, what would that be?

MC : Celebrate every occasion to look good!
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