Image Consulting

Marisol Image offers a number of services to help you improve and manage your image. In your initial meeting with Marisol you will discuss together what are your needs and your objectifs to help you reach your goals. Depending on these different factors and your budget, Marisol will propose the services that best suits your needs.


What are the tips that will help you put your best face forward. Thanks to very simple techniques to learn and recreate, you will be able to apply makeup in order to achieve a groomed appearance without necessarily spending a lot of time in front of the mirror.

Colour Analysis

What are the colours that always make you look good? Your face is the focal point of your personal presentation. The relationship between your complexion, hair and eyes should exhibit the same level of contrast as in your clothing. Knowing the best level of contrast that suits you will help keep your visual impact optimal. Marisol uses a method that is established and thanks to this you will receive a very personalised colour analysis.


What is the style that is in harmony with your personality? Are you classic or more artistic?
Your personality influences the style of clothing you wear. When your personality is in perfect affinity with your style you radiate a certain confidence and well-being.


What is your silhouette and your body frame? These two factors influence the type and texture of fabrics, the length and proportion of your clothing and the size of your accessories. You will learn to make the right choices to flatter your figure.


Marisol Image, in collaboration with a well renowned hairstylist, will advise you on the best choice of haircut and hair colour if desired in order to achieve a harmonious frame for your face.


The wardrobe analysis, done in your home, will allow you to sort whatever doesn’t correspond to your style, silhouette and the colours that best suit you. As a result of this you will learn to manage your wardrobe and create a shopping list for any items that will complete your wardrobe.

Personal Shopping

Marisol can accompany you for all your shopping needs or you can ask her to purchase them for you.
No more wasted time or the wrong choices, only pleasure.

An image consultation is, above all, a moment dedicated to yourself. Marisol will be available to accompany you with respect and utmost discretion.
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