Your personal image is your best ally

Marisols’ mission is to help each person to look and feel their best so that they may succeed in their professional and personal goals. 

Her advice will help you gain a coherent and harmonious image.

Celebrate every occasion to feel your best!

Marisol’s mission is to guide an individual in the improvement of their personal image. To learn how to value one’s best assets taking into consideration their personal and professional goals. Her personal image advice will facilitate one acquiring a coherent and harmonious image in line with their personality gaining confidence and credibility.

Professional Image

If you would like to: 

  • succeed in a competitive market
  • acquire new clients
  • refresh your brands’ image
  • have your employees image in line with your company’s image
  • have your top managements’ image in harmony with your company’s message

Personal Image

If you would like to:

  • increase your self-confidence
  • feel good
  • know how to put your best assets forward
  • affirm your personality


I Thank Them for Their Trust

Muriel G.

Thanks to Marisol, I realized what colors and clothing cuts were best flattering to me. What I appreciated the most is that Marisol respected my personality and my wishes. 

The result for me is greater self-confidence and a  simplified quick morning routine!

Alan H.

Marisol is always ready to listen to clients’ and photographers’ needs. She adds her personal touch that’s refined, delicate and efficient.

Marisol is courteous and competent. This contributes to a photography session that’s easy, pleasant and productive.

Marie-Jo F.

During my consultation with Marisol, she showed me how to choose my best colors for my skin tone. Now  I can’t wait to go shopping with my color wallet. Thank you, Marisol!

Fred M.

For the last ten years and until today, I request Marisol’s services for my corporate photography sessions. Thanks to her excellent working method, her know-how, dynamics, efficiency and professionalism, Marisol has always known how to handle the challenges that a photoshoot might present.

Bruno F.

Vous avez réussi à capturer un art qui est toujours présent autour de nous, mais non détecté.

Renata G.

Working with Marisol is a magnificent experience! I learned how to value and feel good about myself.

Every day I feel up to the challenge, pretty and self-confident about what I am wearing. Today my wardrobe is coordinated well to create many different outfits and colors advised by Marisol made me feel sublime!

Severin B.

Working with Marisol is to assure an irreproachable job. We may, in all confidence, confide in her to take care of all personalities to film (politicians, actors, actresses and people, etc.) Our clients are demanding with their image and Marisol fulfills their needs each time! 

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